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Naveen + Other Disney Guys Icons

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nahveen there’s four times the average Naveen, just for you!

Something There

Dorinda really should of payed more attention to her tutors when she was in school. The worst thing about coming to France (besides having no idea where she was going) was the inability to speak the language. It was extremely difficult to ask for directions when you didn’t even know how to say the word ‘help’ in a foreign language. She’d lost count of the number of vendors and salesmen that attempted to stop her and capture her attention, but she just continued through the crowd with her gaze fixed on the ground in fear she would say something completely wrong and offend someone. It’s been a long time since she had left the Southern Isles and traveled to a new land, even though she missed her voyages and journeys deeply. She was thankful the King had seen her idleness and granted her a bit if time off to get the desire to travel out of her system one last time.

She took this opportunity to explore a variety of countries, the first one she chose being France. Dorinda had longed for a full cultural experience and thus was searching for a library or book store to learn the history of the country, but she was having trouble locating one. She stopped to stand still in front of what looked like a bakery to take out her dictionary and seek the correct phrase for “Excuse me” when someone had pushed open the door she had been standing in front or and caused her to lose her balance. She let out a small cry of surprise as she felt herself begin to fall out into the street…

"A human heart has only so much room for love and affection. When a baby moves in, the dog moves out.”

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